Address Correction, Validation, Standardization and Geocoding

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What YAddress Does


Corrects thousands of typos, misspellings, common abbreviations and other text entry errors in postal addresses.


Returned address is known to represent a valid location. If not, you get an error code.


Every address is presented in the USPS standard format, suitable for mailing and direct string comparison of addresses.


Returns latitude and longitude of the address" location on the map with precision to the exact building.

And more...

Returns many other data fields such as FIPS codes for state and county, US Census Bureau tract and block, and many more. See Web API for details.

Three Ways to Use YAddress


Use convenient RESTful API on the Web. JSON and XML-formatted responses.


Software Package

Deploy and host locally on your own hardware.


Batch Processing

Upload a batch of addresses in an Excel file for one-time processing.


YAddress with SQL Server

Call YAddress directly from SQL Server

Make YAddress calls directly from SQL queries and stored procedures. Or incorporate YAddress into your SSIS ETL packages.

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YAddress in Excel

Validate addresses in Excel spreadsheets

In Microsoft Excel, you can use YAddress to validate postal addresses directly in your spreadsheet.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to install and use YAddress add-in for Excel.

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