YAddress Add-in for Excel

Address Correction, Validation, Standardization and Geocoding in Excel


Download YAddress Excel Add-in to your computer.

Download YAddress Excel Add-in


Open the file in Excel. You will see an empty worksheet with a "Run YAddress" button.


Populate worksheet with your address data. Address components may occupy separate columns, or they may be merged together, but into no less than two columns -- one for street address, the other for city, state and Zip.


Click Run YAddress button. YAddress form is displayed.


Click "Data range for Address Line 1 (Street Address)" box and select appropriate range of cells in your worksheet.


Click "Data range for Address Line 2 (City, State, Zip)" box and select another range of cells in your worksheet.


Select a destination for validation results and choose if you want to include full address details in them.

Click Validate Addresses. Validation results will be entered into the spreadsheet.


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